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Warranty Terms and Conditions

The Serenity HLP comes with a 15 year warranty. 

The mattress warranty covers body impressions greater than 30mm and general manufacturing faults. 

Pocket Spring mattresses must be placed on solid slats or a solid wood base for them to perform correctly. 

  • Using an incorrect base will void your warranty. 
  • Not complying with the mattress care instructions will void your warranty.
  • We highly recommend using a mattress protector at all times - your warranty will be void if your mattress is soiled or marked and we will be unable to accept return of your mattress under any conditions. 

The Serenity HLP mattress warranty does not cover the following; 

  • Normal body impression. A mattress has a break in period where it will conform to your body's natural contours and weight. Essentially individualising itself to you. Up to and including 30mm is perfectly normal and is not covered under the warranty
  • A change in preference of firmness or softness. This is a comfort issue not a warranty issue.
  • General wear and tear throughout the lifetime of the mattress. 
  • Damage caused by moving the mattress or dragging it. 
  • Handles on the mattress are for positioning purposes and are not designed for moving the mattress. Broken handles are not covered under the manufacturing warranty. 

How our warranty process works

In order to assess warranty issues we requires you to complete an online warranty claim form. This form includes the need to provide a number of photographs of the mattress and the base. 

Please note that the warranty is non-transferrable and only available to the original purchaser. 

What bases void the warranty?

Our mattress is designed to work on any firm flat surface. Sprung bases, as well as any base that does not adequately support the mattress will void your Serenity HLP Mattress warranty. 

The mattress should be strongly supported in both the width and length directions. Adequate support means the mattress should not sag, bow or bend under the weight of the individuals sleeping on it and the weight of the mattress itself.

You will need to ensure that there is grounded support for the mattress throughout the middle of the mattress and not just the edges so that the mattress is adequately supported. See examples of compliant bases below. 

Compliant bases include those with slats that are no more than 7cm apart and made of solid wood or those with completely solid wooden base covering. Solid slats like the image below are suitable. 

Bases with curved (sprung ) slats sometimes called posture slats are not suitable. The image below is an example where even though the slats only look slightly curved, use will void your Serenity HLP mattress warranty. 

If you believe you have a warranty issue please complete the Warranty Claim form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss this with you for a swift resolution.