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Unboxing Your Serenity HLP Safely

Take care when unboxing your Serenity HLP Mattress. 

To provide the convenience of being able to transport your mattress in a box, we need to roll it up pretty tightly. When it's let loose, it will unravel and transform into a full sized mattress pretty quickly. 

It's important that you take care when unboxing the mattress when it arrives. You can watch the video below or read the unboxing instructions underneath the video if you prefer. 

So you just bought a Serenity (HLP) Mattress - great choice!

Here’s how to safely unpack Australia’s only luxury, all Australian made, mattress in a box.

  • Your mattress comes vacuum compressed and rolled up in a box. The box is heavy and tall.
  • It’s a good idea to have the help of a friend to unpack your mattress.
  • The box has wheels on it to make it easier to move. Take care on floors that can be damaged or marked.
  • Lay the box down and then carefully remove the mattress from the box.
  • Before you open the mattress, make sure the area around you is clear.
  • The plastic that wraps the mattress has attachment points. Sometimes the mattress can unroll very quickly so make sure the space around you is clear.
  • Unravel the mattress by peeling the mattress back. If the mattress starts to roll away from you, just pull it back to you.
  • Make sure there is at least 2.5 metres clearance between you and the wall.
  • Slit a corner of the plastic to release the air. The mattress will unroll upside down.
  • You’ll need a friend to help you flip it over.
  • Ideally leave it for 2 hours before sleeping on the mattress.
  • We recommend rotating the mattress every 3 months for the life of the mattress.

Enjoy your Serenity HLP luxury mattress.