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Our Story

We've been making Australian mattresses for many years. Specifically mattresses designed to provide healthier sleep. We've also watched with interest as the convenience of mattresses being delivered in a box has developed over the last few years.

We've been working on our own version for a while. It was important to us that we weren't just another 'mattress in a box' but offered a high quality mattress comparable to the high quality mattresses we've been making for years for allied health referral patients.

We were determined to not only create the best possible mattress possible using the best Australian materials but to ensure that manufacturing, compressing and delivering the Serenity HLP mattress in a box didn't compromise the quality and lifelong performance of the mattress.

The process demanded we use the highest quality Australian materials from start to finish. Australian steel springs manufactured using the right gauge wire and VPF manufactured foams that responded to the process and when unboxed were equally un-compromised. 

The mattress we created needed to be much more than a copy of other lifestyle mattresses flooding the market.

More than anyone else we know that not all mattresses are created equally. Cheap springs and foam will hold their shape temporarily, but not for the time our clients expect.

We make our mattresses by hand in our Melbourne factory, roll them on site and package them up in an Australian Made box to deliver them to your door.