Customisable - So you don't have to compromise your sleep - Serenity HLP

What do we mean by customisable and exchangeable comfort layers? 

That's exactly what we mean. We all sleep differently. Different comfort preferences used to mean someone had to compromise. Not with the Serenity HLP mattress.

Customise your choice of comfort. You can choose the firmness or softness of each side of the mattress from the get go. Choose from all firm or all medium or firm on one side and medium on the other.

If you get it wrong, and you wish you'd chosen a different combination we will happily let you exchange the comfort layers for free within the first 100 days until you get it just right.

We know that a great day starts the night before. We know a good or bad night's sleep can make or break your day your week your month or even your year...

We really do take this sleep business seriously. We promise to work with you until you find your perfect sleep.

The Serenity HLP mattress is the only Australian made mattress to offer this style of sleep system and make this promise to our customers.

The Australian Made Luxury mattress your body has been waiting for.

  • The only Australian made luxury mattress delivered (free) nationwide in a box.
  • Endorsed by Osteopathy Australia
  • 100 Day Trial and Money Back Guarantee
  • Customisable and Exchangeable Comfort System
  • Free Delivery and Free Returns
  • 15 Year Warranty
Are you ready for a healthier night's sleep?

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