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Sleep more or sweat more?

Sleep or Sweat? 

This quick guide will help you decide whether to hit the snooze button or put on your sneakers and sweat it out.

If you’ve been sleeping seven to eight hours most nights… You are good to go! Get up and hit that gym.

If you’ve been sleeping less than 6 hours a week… It’s time to rethink your sleep schedule. Try going to bed an extra 15 - 20 minutes earlier, or shaving 10 minutes off your morning routine to get a bit more sleep. 

If you were up all night… Definitely skip that AM gym session. Sleep is an important factor in your ability to exercise safely. Sleep deprivation can mess with your mental performance if you work out at the same level of intensity. Exercising too hard can make you more tired thereby, reducing your concentration and form, making you more prone to injury. Try switching up your workout; reduce the intensity and duration to not over exert yourself.

If you’ve only worked out once that week (and it’s Friday)... If your goal is to workout three to four times a week then it’s time to MOVE! Use those endorphins to get excited about that weekend and power you through the day.

If you’ve been consistently hitting the gym… Everyone deserves a rest day. It is not a bad thing to skip your workout and let your body rest. If you feel like you need a sleep in, listen to your body. Rest days are crucial in building muscle.

If you’re sore… Sleep in, have a day off. Don’t reach a point where you are overtraining. Overtraining can affect your sleep quality and duration.

Sleeping on the right mattress matters. For optimum sleep, your spine needs to be correctly aligned and your lumbar areas appropriately supported. This is only achievable by sleeping on a truly zoned pocket spring mattress. The Serenity HLP mattress is the perfect combination of support and comfort. With an Australian steel zoned pocket spring construction, high density comfort foams and a top layer of the outstanding hygroflex foam, the Serenity HLP mattress is your perfect fitness partner.