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It's called a BEDroom for a reason

We as humans are all organisms that learn by a process called association. Our brains can associate different factors or environments with a number of particular activities, and it is vitally important for sleep health that your brain associates your bedroom with sleep. 

If you enjoy your lunch at the same time every day, your body will begin to associate that time with food. It will naturally prepare itself by releasing digestive enzymes and sending signals which tell you that you’re hungry.

You can probably see where this is going… Your bedroom should be reserved almost exclusively for your rest and sleep, not for eating meals or for laying awake on your electronic devices. If sleeping is the only thing (well almost) we do in bed then our natural association will be that of rest and relaxation, which allows our bodies to release the necessary chemicals to induce a wonderful night's sleep.

Other strategies can also be adopted to compliment your new bedroom behaviours too! These include maintaining a tidy bedroom, a cool room temperature, by covering any clocks, blocking out light and remaining out of bed and awake until you absolutely feel tired and ready for sleep. 

If all else fails and you still cannot fall asleep or stay asleep, it may be worth considering how your mattress makes you feel as well. Does your mattress make you feel completely supported? Do you feel cosy and comfortable on your mattress and wake up physically rested. 

It might be time to upgrade your sleep quality - a Serenity HLP mattress would be a great start. all Australian made, designed for healthy sleep, free nationwide delivery, 100 night money back trial, with an interchangeable and exchangeable comfort system.